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Loan FAQs

Q. How do I apply for a loan?

A. Download an application and send it to us (mail or fax), or apply in person at our office

Q. What is the value of the item I want to purchase?

A. Access NADA’s website to “book” the vehicle, motorcycle, four wheeler, snowmachine, personal watercraft, airplane, mobile home, camper, motor home, travel trailer, fifth wheel or boat. Due to system limitations imposed by NADA, they will only allow five valuations per category per day. It is possible to access their backup site, if you are not able to obtain valuations from their primary site. This site has the same limitations. Please be courteous to other members and only use this site if you are in the market for a specific item. If you access both sites and cannot obtain valuations, please try again tomorrow.

Q. Does ALPS offer credit insurance?

A. Yes, we offer single credit life, joint credit life and single credit disability and joint credit disability insurance coverage at very reasonable rates.

Q. What is credit insurance?

A. Credit insurance is an insurance product that protects your family from being saddled with your debts if you die or become disabled. Credit life insurance pays your loan in full if you die during the term of your loan. Credit disability insurance makes your loan payments if you become disabled during the term of the loan. These products have age, term, total benefit and monthly payment limitations. Please refer to the disclosure contained on the loan application for more details.