Credit unions began in Germany well over a century ago. The first American credit union, the St. Mary’s Cooperative Credit Association was founded 1909 in New Hampshire. Today, more than 100 million Americans are members of credit unions.

ALPS Federal Credit Union was founded in 1960 by local Alaska Lumber and Pulp mill workers as an institution that would provide affordable loan and deposit services to members. As a cooperative, we are completely owned and directed by our membership.

In 1985, we became a community-chartered credit union, allowing us to offer membership to local residents as well as employees of the paper mill. Later that year, we added the city and borough of Sitka to our field of membership. In 2013, we again expanded our original charter so that we could serve all of Southeast Alaska.

Mission Statement
ALPS Federal Credit Union is a member owned, non-profit financial cooperative serving Southeast Alaska, committed to building a stronger financial future for our members and local communities.

Vision Statement
ALPS FCU exists to help enhance the financial future of the members and communities we serve, and does so in a friendly, educational, safe, efficient, caring and individualized manner that meets the member’s unique needs. Members benefit from doing business with the credit union through having the services they need, when they need them.

Core Values
It is our goal to help our members achieve their goals over the course of their life and to be able to provide them the products and services they need at each stage of their lifecycle.  By embracing this viewpoint, we can better optimize the mix of products and services to fit their needs, without pushing them into something that may be of more benefit to the credit union.  We are motivated by our ability to help our members through doing our jobs so that we help them, and as they gain benefits from the credit union, the credit union does better and the staff gets rewarded for helping the members appropriately.